An overdue update: better late than never!

Wow, has it been a few months already since we launched projectLUCE?  So many things have transpired in such a short period!

– 5 solid weeks were spent on a design “sabbatical”, the product of which were many, many conceptual designs…

index card models

cardboard models

– Attended three trade shows: Euroluce in Milano, LightFair in Philly, and ICFF in New York (photos coming soon) in the course of two months which filled us with many inspirations and propelled us forward to focus on further development of some of our original concepts.

– Three conceptual designs have made it to the prototyping phase: Qubit, Primadonna and Khaos.  Primadonna has been put on hold temporarily as we focus on developing Qubit and Khaos. Qubit is leading the way with a tentative launch date of Oct 1, 2013, and Khaos a tentative launch date of Jan 1 2014.  Through the course of prototyping, we have generated many, many models using all types of materials:  cardboard, foam core, aluminum, wood, acrylic, and others.

zen android


– A wonderful “discovery” of a new design!!


– Meetings with vendors, lots of emails flying around, and now heading into the next phase leading towards production!!!

Stay tuned…..

Born on MAR 11, 2013 C.E.

"Experiment" by CileSuns92


Monday March 11, 2013 is the official “Born On Date” for projectLUCE.  We are excited and extremely busy designing and developing lighting fixtures that are pieces of Art in their own right, marrying design & function.

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The world of lighting will never be the same!


Photo Credits: CileSuns92