A Designer’s Oath

Inspired by Dionysis Zindros’s A programmer’s oath.


I swear, to fulfill according to the best
of my ability and judgement,
this oath and this covenant

  1. Design is Art.
  2. I will keep in mind that I don’t design mere products, but I design the end users’ experiences of the products I design.
  3. I will use my Design skills to solve problems; finding new solutions to old and new problems.
  4. I will keep “top of mind” that it’s easy to solve problems with complex solutions; elegant Design comes from simple solutions to complex problems.
  5. I will distinguish between problems and situations, and act accordingly.
  6. I will conduct business in an ecological manner, creating symbiotic relationships with everyone I get in contact. The Business is also part of my Art.
  7. I will respect the Muses who inspire my Art and fuel my Passion.
  8. Innovation doesn’t stop at the product I design, but shall permeate the processes, the way of doing business, and my every day life as a Designer, an Artist, an Entrepreneur, and as Individual.
  9. I know what I know, and I don’t know what I don’t know: my Education never ends.
  10. My Art is an extension of my persona; I have no choice about this, you can see a part of me in everything I Design.
  11. Your experience is important to me; my Design ends where your Experience begins: feel free to use my Design in ways it was never intended (be safe).
  12. quantity < Quality.
  13. Unless detrimental to my Art, I will share my knowledge with anyone who’s genuinely interested.
  14. I will respect the intellectual property of others.
  15. I love Creative Commons.
  16. I will not use my designs for unfair profit, financial or of other kind. I will treat just profits as the means to sustainability of my Art.
  17. Art is a verb: do it.
  18. I will not fall in love with tools, but I will learn to love what the tools can do.
  19. I will not be ashamed to say I know not, nor will I fail to call for help if needed.
  20. I know I can be wrong, but my Intentions are always pure.
  21. I know the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and I will practice the Golden Rule in everything I do.

If I respect these precepts
may it be granted to me to enjoy my Art and my Life
with one being an extension of the other;
sharing both with my Friends.
There’s no happiness, only Bliss.

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