Designer’s Oath Manifesto

projectLUCE Designer's Oath Manifesto


We really had fun the other day with A Designer’s Oath, and it all started with:

  • “Let’s print it and hang it on the white board”
    which led to . . .
  • “Let’s print it in color” green of course
    which led to . . .
  • “Let’s consolidate it on one single page”
    which led to . . .
  • “Let’s put each one in its own box”
    which led to . . .
  • “Let’s play around with a few fonts”
    which led to . . .
  • “WOW! This is starting to look pretty good”

A few hours and 11 revisions later, we had something that we felt good about, and . . . here it is, released in the wild world of the web:


Licensed under Creative Common Attribution 3.0, feel free to copy it, print it, distribute it, re-work it!


Creative Commons License