Thank you for your interest in projectLUCE.  We design, manufacture and bring to market LED-only luminaires that are beautiful to look at when they are turned on, as well as when they are off.

We are an innovation-driven designED company; we build innovation into our design as well as into our business practices, trying to solve old problems using new solutions and at the same time addressing the new challenges of this wonderful XXI century.

In designing luminaires, our philosophy is not to create luminaires that are means to their own end, but to create units of design™ that design professionals and end users can incorporate into their vision and design thinking; individual elements of design for the use of the design professionals.

As of this writing, we have the following product lines / products in the marketplace or in our pipeline:

  • QT1, part of the Qubit line: part sculpture / part table lamp; its iconic design and innovative patent pending lensing system makes a statement while complementing most interiors, from contemporary to modern to eclectic.
  • QU1, part of the Qubit line, coming  Jan 2014, is a derivative of the QT1. While testing the QT1, most everyone wanted to turn it on its back to light the ceiling, so we deigned the QU1.
  • Qs1, part of the Qubit line, coming Feb 2014, is a beautiful sconce. Same design as the QT1, but cleaner without the base and utilizing the same innovative patent pending lensing system; comes as a highly flexible system that can be customized in terms of lumen output and circuitry in order to accommodate design, architectural and engineering requirements.
  • QPx, part of the Qubit line, coming April 2014, extends the Qubit line to new heights, while remaining within the 4″ cube form factor and each QPx will incorporate 2 of the Qubit lensing systems.  The QPx is a highly flexible system that can be customized in terms of lumen output per unit as well as installed in configurations ranging from a single Qubit to compositions of 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… and more; for use as a single point of light for intimate dining to statement pieces in expansive lobbies.
  • Dado is a product line under development, with a release date of mid 2014. Similar to the Qubit line, it will include a highly customizable sconce system, as well as a highly customizable pendant system.  Each system within the Dado family is comprised of very small units crafted from zebrawood, and no two systems will ever look the same.
  • Incongito is a product line under development, with a release date of mid 2014.  While it started as a wall-based lighting system that incorporates the archetypal subject of painting with the natural beauty of wood and graphic design; it is being extended to include pendant systems, as well as sconce systems.
  • Khaos is a product line under development, with a release date of mid 2014. Khaos will include multiple configurations of linear-like pendant luminaires, highly customizable, and suitable to be employed in small areas such as over a dining table to larger installations like corporate lobbies.


We welcome working with you on your projects needs. All of our products are meant to be units of design™ , highly flexible elements that you can play with and incorporate in your vision and design thinking.

The Qubit sconces and the Qubit pendants are designed to be highly flexible systems that can be installed as single units or as compositions of units. We can assist you in solving your aesthetic and lighting design challenges, circuitry and control of our systems.

Our products are available at our online store and soon at other venues.

For commercial orders, to register your project or to discuss ways we can help you achieve your design vision do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for thinking of projectLUCE for your project. Our fixtures are beautiful, innovative and will make your project stand out.  Whether you’re planning to use our fixture or fixture systems in your restaurant, boutique hotel, lobby, or any other commercial project, we welcome the opportunity to assist you and/or your design professional in selecting those units of design™  that will carry forward your vision and design thinking. Contact us.

If you’re working with a design professional, please have them contact us directly; we love to talk to architects, lighting designers, and interior designers.



If you fell in love with our products and our philosophy so much that now you’ve decided to offer them to your audience, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

This is what we can offer you:

  • Beautiful and innovative products that pique the interest of discriminating end users and design professionals;
  • Early access to our products in the pipeline;
  • Proactive support, prompt responses;
  • Clear, simple, and effective way to do business.

Please contact us and let’s make the world a better place, one lighting fixture at a time.