It’s here! Finally!

After what seemed a long gestation period, but was effectively only 9 months, our fist baby is born!

projectLUCE’s flagship LED powered Qubit line arrives with its first product, the QT1 table lamp:

projectLUCE QT1-L01 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L01 projectLUCE QT1-L02 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L02

projectLUCE QT1-L03 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L03 projectLUCE QT1-L04 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L04

The QT1 and the entire Qubit line is reminiscent of the architectural archetypes of basic squares and circles. Its minimalist look conceals a high degree of engineering, from the solid aluminum body and base, to the highly innovative patent pending lensing system.

The QT1 is available in 4 unique patterns:

projectLUCE QT1 lensing options

It has been quite an interesting journey, cliché we know, but it is nonetheless true. Along the way we have made many discoveries, from new materials available, new processes, the vast array of LED sources, as well as the technical intricacies in terms of electrical engineering, thermal engineering, and optical engineering required to bring a lighting fixture from the design phase to manufacturing to market. In the process, we have streamlined our operations and in the next few months we’ll introduce additional Qubit products (uplight, sconce, and pendant) and new product lines (codenames: Dado, Khaos, Incognito….).

The genesis of Qubit comes from the architectural archetypes of basic shapes (squares, rectangles and circles) with the delicate balance of proportions.  We incorporated the additional sculptural quality by working with solid aluminum. The QT1 is a table lamp which can be moved from your favorite chair to your favorite desk. As you transport it from place to place, the sensation of holding 4lbs of mostly aluminum concentrated in a 4″ cube is reminiscent of a museum-quality sculptural piece.  The lensing system is beautiful; each of the 4 available patterns is the result of hundreds of permutations and combinations that we have drawn and prototyped for visual appeal. Each Qubit is visually appealing both when it’s on and when it’s off.

The embryonic beginning of the Qubit can be traced to leafing through Johannes Itten’s Design and Form: The Basic Course at the Bauhaus and Later, which inspired us to play with simple shapes to achieve something that would be not only iconic in nature and beautiful to look at, but also to think of luminaires as units of design™ that  architects, lighting designers and interior designers can use to complement their vision and design thinking.

Our design process involves many, many sketches, mostly in raw form, which we bring forward those few that appeal to us. From there we rapidly create physical prototypes that evolve from simple cardboard, glue and tape to more refined and working prototypes that we are able to build in our shop.

Genesis of Qubit: V.1 Genesis of Qubit: V.2


Genesis of Qubit: V.3 Genesis of Qubit: V.4

Genesis of Qubit: V.5 Genesis of Qubit: V.6

Many people have contributed to making the Qubit possible, and among them, Xicato has been one of the most supportive thanks to their extensive documentation, support and people like Megan Carroll and Linden Willis-Kilgroe.  We’re very happy to have designed and built our first product around Xicato’s XSM LED line.  Also, a special thanks to all of our friends who provided valuable feedback along the way; the upcoming uplight version (QU1) is in response to everyone wanting to turn the table lamp on its back!

You can buy the QT1 at our online store.  Order now and we’ll be shipping your QT1 on or before Dec 30, 2013 (unfortunately we cannot guarantee before Christmas).

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