TL;DR: projectLUCE’s QT1 table lamp is now available for sale at, and soon at select retailers and showrooms. Tear sheet available here (.pdf).

projectLUCE is proud to announce the launch the QT1 table lamp, part of the Qubit product line.  Adhering to our philosophy, we have created a beautiful and innovative sculptural piece which is also a lighting fixture.  Reminiscent of the architectural archetypes of basic squares and circles, its minimalist looks conceals a high degree of engineering, from the solid aluminum body and base, to the highly innovative patent pending lensing system.

In addition to the QT1, the Qubit product line includes the upcoming QS1 sconce, the QU1 uplight, and the QP1/QP3/QPx pendants; with the entire Qubit line powered by Xicato’s XSM LED modules, which offer reliability and the best color consistency  in the industry.

Just like a Qubit is a unit of quantum information, each one of our Qubits is intended to be a unit of design™  in the hands of the end users, architects, lighting designers and interior designers so that they can use the fixture to complement their design thinking.

The lensing system of the QT1 is available in 4 different designs:

projectLUCE QT1 lensing options

projectLUCE QT1-L01 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L01

projectLUCE QT1 – L01 lensing (buy now)


projectLUCE QT1-L02 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L02

projectLUCE QT1 – L02 lensing (buy now)


projectLUCE QT1-L03 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L03

projectLUCE QT1 – L03 lensing (buy now)

 projectLUCE QT1-L04 QT1-SB35XSM0430-L04

projectLUCE QT1 – L04 lensing (buy now)



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